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Welcome to the new DRF Bets TicketMaker for mobile, tablets and desktop

DRF Bets TicketMaker is a handicapping tool that helps you make smarter multi-race wagers using betting strategies developed by Steven Crist.

Now, you can place multi-leg and vertical wagers directly from TicketMaker in seconds with one click, a feature that is available exclusively to DRF Bets members. Sign up for DRF Bets.

NOTE: Unlike the original TicketMaker, which is still accessible for desktop users by clicking here, this latest version of TicketMaker will be available on all devices - mobile phone, tablets such as iPads, as well as your desktop.

NOTE: Bet Now buttons will not appear if the tote is not open

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How to use DRF Bets TicketMaker

The following is a series of step-by-step instructions to help you use this handicapping tool.

The purpose of TicketMaker is not to help you select horses. Rather, TicketMaker was designed to help you construct better multi-race tickets based on your selections. For example, a standard 4x4x4x4 Pick 4 ticket would require 256 combinations, all weighed equally. With a $1 base bet, this would cost $256.

But by using TicketMaker and the algorithms created by Steven Crist, you can get smarter and more creative combinations, stretching your dollar by weighing it towards horses you feel strongest about.

Using TicketMaker

When accessing DRF TicketMaker, choose a bet type from the dropdown menu. For now, the date will default to today, but we will add the ability to view future dates in the next version of the new TicketMaker that will be released in the summer of 2014.

After selecting the bet type, choose the track from the new dropdown menu that has appeared below the Date. Once you have done so, select the race number from the final dropdown menu that appears.

Because TicketMaker is synced to the live tote on race days, only races that offer your selected wager type will appear in the dropdown menu. Similarly, only tracks that offer that wager type will show up in the dropdown menu after you have chosen a bet type.

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  • 1 Wager Details
    Base Bet

    Set the base bet for your wager. This will default to the minimum base bet but you can set this amount to any denomination.

    This will represent the wager amount of each individual bet in your tickets, and can be altered later to weigh selected ticket combinations (see "Emphasize" below).

    Bet Bet

    NOTE: For Pick 6 tickets, the base bet will always remain at $2. For all other horizontal bet types, the base bet will change to fit your max budget.


    Enter the total amount you want to spend on this wager and press . TicketMaker will use this amount when constructing your tickets.

  • 2 Categorize Horses
    Select Horse Select Horse

    Begin by designating all horses in each race as an A, B or C Selection. If a horse is an ''X'' or a non-use for you, then leave it alone and it will not be on your ticket. Here are Steven Crist's brief descriptions of how he views these categories:

    • Primary contender(s) and top selections, or slightly less likely winners who you think will be extreme overlays.
    • Reasonable contender(s) who will keep you alive with other A's and B's but not with C horses.
    • Marginal or unlikely winners you can't entirely eliminate but whose winning would force you to get home A's in all other races.
    • Horses who you are completely eliminating.

    To categorize a horse, simply click or tap the horse's number in the category of your choice. By adding horses into these categories, you're telling TicketMaker which horses you want to use in your wagers (by leaving a horse unclicked, he will remain off all of your tickets).

    Once horses have been moved throughout the categories, TicketMaker will construct tickets that cover the following bet types:

    • A's with One B

      You are covered for any combination of your A horses.

    • A's with One B

      To categorize a horse, simply click or tap the horse's number in the category of your choice. By adding horses into these categories, you're telling TicketMaker which horses you want to use in your wagers (by leaving a horse unclicked, he will remain off all of your tickets).

    • A's with Two B's

      You are covered as long as all of your A horses win, with the exception of two races, in which two of your B horses must win. It does not matter which legs are won by your B horses. TicketMaker will construct tickets that will cover you as long as your A's and two B's win every race.

    • A's with B's

      This new version of TicketMaker allows for one additional option: The ''All As/All Bs'' ticket in which all of your A and B selections get put on the same ticket with no C horses. You can toggle the ''All As/All Bs'' ticket to see the cost difference between this ticket and the default ''As with Bs'' ticket.

    • A's with One C

      You are covered as long as all of your A horses win, with the exception of one race, in which one of your C horses must win. It does not matter which leg is won by your C horse. TicketMaker will construct tickets that will cover you as long as your A's and one C win every race.

    • Select Horse Select Horse

      You'll notice that as soon as you begin adding horses to categories in the final leg, TicketMaker will begin constructing tickets. When you finish constructing your tickets, check to see if the ''Total'' (located in the bottom right of the TicketMaker window) is close to your budget.

    • If the total is above your budget:

      Enter the total amount you want to spend on this wager and press ''APPLY.'' TicketMaker will use this amount when constructing your tickets.

      Buget Error Buget Error

      Besides returning to Step 1 and increasing your budget, you have several options if your total exceeds your budget.

      One option would be to re-categorize horses. For example, moving just one horse from an "A" to a "B" can significantly reduce the cost of your ticket. Granted, you will not have that particular horse in as many combinations, but this is one way to reduce your total ticket cost.

      Another option would be to de-select certain ''Bet Types.'' For example, removing all the tickets that cover you if "A's with two B's" win would reduce your total number of tickets.

      Ticket Ticket

      You can de-select this bet type by un-checking the appropriate ''Bet Type'' box.

    • If the total is below your budget:

      TicketMaker will automatically try to increase your ''$ per bet'' if your ticket total is less than your budget. To put even more emphasis on certain tickets, you can manually edit the bet amounts for each ticket.

      Ticket Ticket

      For example, if your ''All A Entries'' ticket costs $16 with a base bet of $2, and you want to bet these tickets for $4 each, click or tap inside the bet amount field and change the bet amount yourself.

      Ticket Ticket
    • Placing your bets:

      Once you are satisfied with your tickets and the total cost of the wager, click ''Bet Now'' to place your wagers through DRF Bets. After a few seconds of processing, you will get a confirmation screen showing your successful bets. Any errors that occur will also be shown here.

    • Printing your tickets:

      Once you have clicked Bet Now to submit your tickets to DRF Bets, you will have an option to print the tickets.

  • What is TicketMaker?

    You spend a lot of time handicapping to make great picks. TicketMaker (TM) is a revolutionary wagering tool that helps you turn your picks into smarter, more profitable bets. While TicketMaker will help you recognize smarter ways to wager, it does not make picks for you, recommend specific strategies or wagers, or guarantee results in any way.
  • Why should I use TicketMaker to construct my wagers?

    Simply put, TicketMaker helps you construct wagers that leverage your strongest opinions in order to boost profits.
  • What's new about TicketMaker?

    TicketMaker is now available for use on all devices, including mobile phones, tablets and desktops for all vertical and horizontal wagers. The previous, desktop-only version of TM is still available here.
  • Which browsers are supported by the new version of TM?

    Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and IE 9+ are supported.
  • Will the new TM work on my smartphone/tablet?

    Yes, TM supports smartphones such as iPhone, Android, Blackberry and Windows Phone and any tablet device.
  • Can I place bets through DRF Bets for all tracks?

    You can construct wagers on these tracks but placing the bets with one click through DRF Bets is not available for the following tracks: Churchill Downs, Arlington Park, Calder, Fair Grounds, Canterbury, Indiana Downs and Hoosier.
  • Why is my track not showing up on the track menu on the TicketMaker homepage?

    If a track is between races, try hitting refresh after a few minutes for the track to display in the dropdown again.
  • I've set my budget and picked my horses. What do I do next?

    TicketMaker has a great deal of functionality. Here are some of the things you can do:
    • Equalize Probable Pays (Exactas)
    • Key a horse (all vertical bets)
    • Reverse Key a horse (Exactas)
    • Model a win bet based on your key horse (all vertical bets)
    • Remove individual bets from your ticket (all bets)
    • Manually change Bet Amounts for each individual bet (all bets)
    • Group your A and B selections on to the same ticket (horizontal bets)
    • Submit your bet directly into DRF Bets with the Bet Now button (all bets)
  • I have selected my horses but nothing is happening.

    For some wagers, you need to submit a Max Budget and click "Apply" before the application generates your Ticket.
  • How do I change the Bet Amounts for each individual bet?

    Click or touch the bet amount for any bet and you will be able to manually input any amount you prefer.
  • Can I still place my bet at 0 MTP for a race?

    You may be able to place a wager through DRF Bets with 0 MTP provided the race has not gone off yet. Once the race has gone off or the betting pool has been closed, you will be not be able to bet on the race. You should always leave sufficient time to place your wagers, as you will need to log in to your DRF Bets account, powered by Xpressbet. DRF and DRF Bets are not responsible in any way for wagers not placed properly or in time.
  • How does one-click betting through my DRF Bets account work?

    Once you are satisfied with your wager, you can submit your bet through your DRF Bets account, powered by Xpressbet, by hitting the "Bet Now" button. You will be asked to log in to your DRF Bets account and review the wager before submitting, which you should do carefully to ensure accuracy. Once you submit your bet, you will receive confirmation that the bet has been placed. DRF and DRF Bets are not responsible in any way for incorrect wagers, bets that are not placed properly or in time.
  • Can I use TicketMaker for Harness Races or Quarter Horse races?

    At this time, Harness and Quarter Horse tracks are not available for wagering through TM.
  • Why didn't my bet go through?

    There are a number of reasons your bet did not go through.
    • The race went off or the betting pool closed before you submitted your bet.
    • Your account did not have the necessary funds.
    • You did not login to DRF Bets correctly.
  • What is the purpose of the "Betting Value" column in the exacta wagers?

    This column indicates whether an individual exacta combination is an overlay (positive) or underlay (negative) according to a formula that calculates the fair value return based on the current win odds. In general, a betting value above 100% indicates an overlay. A negative Betting Value means that particular combination is being played heavily by other horseplayers; you may want to delete that specific combination.
  • Can you explain the "Equalize Probable Pays" button for exactas?

    The Bet Amounts are altered so as to normalize your expected returns. This removes much of the inefficiency inherent in simple exacta boxes.
  • What does the Par Value for trifectas and superfectas do?

    The Par Values will give you a ballpark estimate of what the payouts will be for each of the combinations made based on your selections. Unlike the Probable Pays used in TM-Exacta, the Par Value is not based on the live tote data and is therefore just an estimate.
  • For Exacta bets, why does it only show me the current race for each track?

    Because of the nature of exacta pools, you can only model and place exacta wagers for the current "live" race at a track.
  • Why can't I select all of the horses in vertical bets?

    You can use all horses if you are making wheel or part-wheel. But Horse selection for BOXES is limited to 4 for Exactas, 6 for Trifectas and 5 for Superfectas.
  • Where can I find the original version of TM for Pick3-6 wagers?

    It's still available Click here
  • What is new about the horizontal (Pick 3-6) bets with the new TM?

    In addition to creating cost-saving and profit-boosting tickets by leveraging your A,B,C picks, the new TM will give you the option of grouping All "A" selections with All "B" selections on the same ticket. If you choose the "All As/All Bs" option, the "As with Bs" tickets will be nullified. You will be able to compare the cost difference with one click.
  • Why do I need to enter a "max budget?"

    For all horizontal wagers (Pick 3-6), the max budget is necessary for TM to calculate the bet amounts for each ticket. For vertical bets (exacta-trifecta-superfecta) the max budget is optional for users who want to make sure they do not exceed a specific amount.
  • In the horizontal wagers, how do I unselect a horse?

    Tap on the selection again to remove the horse from your ticket.
  • Is there an "ALL" button I can push for horizontal wagers?

    No, this version does not have an ALL button. We may add it for future versions of TM. You can use all the horses in a field by selecting them individually.
  • How do I adjust my bet amounts in the new TM?

    You can adjust any bet amount for any individual ticket by clicking or tapping on the number inside the bet amount box and changing it. For example, if you build a Pick 4 and want to edit the bet amount of your "All As" ticket, just tap or click on the bet amount shown and replace it with your desired wager.
  • Why can't I "save" my tickets?

    That functionality is still available in the desktop-only version of TM which can be found here. We will be adding the save ticket feature to the new TM in the next version.
  • Where can I find the "Win" bet function on the new TM?

    That functionality is still available in the desktop-only version of TM which can be found here. We may be adding the win bet feature to the new TM in a future version.
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